Declare the past, diagnose the present, prepare for the future.



Cystotech Is an AI MedTech company working in the field of Urology to transform the future of bladder cancer treatment. We are developing applications for use during cystoscopy of the bladder and are focused on better diagnostics performance and the use of less invasive approaches to treatment for the benefit of patients and healthcare costs.

Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer has a high recurrence and progression rate. In order to reduce the recurrence rate, knowledge of the tumor grade is essential to perform resection to the correct depth of the layers in the urinary bladder during primary resection of the tumor. However, visual estimation by the surgeon regarding tumor grade is very poorly correlated to the true tumor grade. This is the main reason for the high recurrence rate and delay of relevant adjuvant treatment.

Our Purpose & Strengths



Cystotech develops deep-tech health solutions to foster health digitalization with high diagnostic performance.

Patient Care Focus

Bladder cancer Patients are prone to develop multiple recurrences. Our aim is to reduce surgical procedures for the benefit of their quality of life.

The Clinical Pathway

Cystotech is dedicated to developing solutions that can transform the current clinical pathway.

Optimized Procedure

We believe that deep-tech health solutions will change the future of healthcare toward improved personalized treatment.

Our Team

team member
Jacob Elmose
CEO, MD & Founder
team member
Anna Munk
COO, RA/QA Manager & Founder
team member
Philip Butenko
Senior Software Engineer & Founder
team member
Thomas Grønning
IT-security Specialist & Founder
team member
Claus Hansen
CBO, Chairman of the Board & Founder
team member
Brian Hedegaard
Senior Regulatory Advisor & Board Member
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Ole Jensen
Board Member
team member
Christian Krog
Software Engineer
team member
Marianne Steenfeldt
Machine Learning Engineer
team member
Martin Boejsen
Regulatory Affairs Intern
team member
Asiya Safi
Data Annotator
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Laila Safi
Data Annotator